Drop new Video For Rapture
From Their Upcoming New Album Dirge

Last week, Perth's kings of depressive black metal, Deadspace dropped a single and music video for ‘Rapture’ off their upcoming album ‘Dirge’ with absolutely no warning. 

For those of you that caught them live on the recent Satyricon tour this September, you will know first-hand that this band shows no hesitation in making boldly dark statements.


If you missed it, check it out now!

The band’s vocalist Chris states that ‘Dirge’ is a story about a man on a journey both physically and metaphysically. He is born cursed & destined for power greater than anything known to man.

Along his path he is forced to reassess morality, theological constructs and abandon virtue in the face of realising his own humanity (or lack of). 

‘Rapture’ is a short clip accentuating the embracing of one’s own humanity through ritualistic torture. 

Dirge is coming from Deadspace in 2019...