[photo credit: Dawn of Disease]

DAWN OF DISEASE cast their spell on us.

DAWN OF DISEASE return with their terrific new single “Shrine” which is digitally available on all streaming platforms today! The combination of the classic Swedish Death Metal parts with a dash of Black Metal, all held in a dark atmosphere, show the versatility of the five-piece from Osnabrück.  With “Shrine”, DAWN OF DISEASE tap into the mystical parts of the world and accompany their newest album with a bone-chilling second single. Additionally, the five guys bestow upon us the corresponding official video! Watch it below!

DAWN OF DISEASE on the new single / video:

“Today we present another song of our upcoming album Procession of Ghosts to you. "Shrine" is a really exceptional song as it combines elements of typical Swedish Death Metal with a very various drumming and an obscure atmosphere that is highlighted by a tiny punch of Black Metal. For this video we chose an old church as a location in order to put the atmosphere of the song into visual form. But while one would expect a fast video we decided to go a completely different way to highlight the deep and metaphorical meaning of this track. Enjoy our new video and open the shrine!” 

Founded in 2003, DAWN OF DISEASE release their fifth studio album Procession of Ghosts and third with Napalm Records on 1st November 2019. The album represents phenomenal melodic death metal sounds, with more than enough energy to stand out from the masses, and it will surely secure DAWN OF DISEASE's status at the forefront of German Death Metal. Melancholy meets relentless brutality, while hymnal passages, dark growls, fast riffs and catchy hook lines create a perfect sonic landscape.


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[ cover artwork by Michał "Xaay" Loranc ]

1.     Lapsarian
2.     Procession of Ghosts
3.     May The Waves Take Me
4.     Shrine
5.     Where The Clouds Reach the Ground
6.     As Heaven Shatters
7.     Autumn Days
8.     Apotropaic
9.     In Death We Blast (Bonus)
10.  Hypnosis (Bonus)

Watch the new official video for “Shrine”