Linkin Park originally began their career as a rap rock band called ‘Xero’. In 1998 Mark Wakefield left ‘Xero’ and Chester Bennington joined the band. Chester Bennington was born in Arizona in 1976, He moved to LA at the age of 23 to pursue his music career. After achieving success the new band ‘Xero’   quickly changed their name to ‘Hybrid Theory’.  ‘Hybrid Theory’ released a ‘self-titled EP’and the lyrics were about depression and frustration. He based these lyrics on his often difficult and tough childhood. 

 In 1998 ‘Hybrid Theory’ changed their name to Lincoln Park, however, after legal complaints they changed it to Linkin Park. In 1999 Linkin Park were ‘signed’ by Jeff Blue the Vice-President of Warner Brothers. In 2001 they released their album ‘Hybrid Theory’ which consisted of an amalgamation of their work from between 1996 and 2001, amazingly and quite deservedly they sold over 4 million copies in their first year.

In 2003 Linkin Park released their album ‘Metrora’ which went 12 time platinum. This album rose to number one on the US and UK Charts and number two on the Australian Charts. In 2006 Linkin Park announced they would release their latest album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ based on the Doomsday clock which foretells global catastrophe. Taking 14 months to produce it  finally hit the charts in 2007. Produced by Rick Huben this album had major success selling over 600,000 copies in the first week of sales. Linkin Park also recorded their first guitar solo on this album.

In 2010 Linkin Park released their album ‘A Thousand Suns’, they acknowledged that this album represented the possibility of  nuclear warfare and numerous other contemporary social issues.  This album was once again produced by Rick Huben, Linkin Park announced a tour with this album as its focus reached number eight on the ‘Billboard Charts’.


In 2012 they released there album ‘Living Things’ and in concert they shared the stage at Sydney Soundwave with Metallica, Slayer and Sum 41. By 2014 the group who were now highly regarded and well loved by their fans started recording their sixth studio album, from which they released a single titled ‘Guilty all the Same’ this rightfully   hit number one on the charts. Shortly after this release Linkin Park revealed that  they would release  the album ‘The Hunting Party’ and their music style would go back to their roots of ‘Hybrid Theory’.

In 2013 Chester Bennington was the front man for the band ‘Stone Temple Pilots’. He took the stage at KROQ Weenie Roast festival and performed original songs written by ‘Stone Temple Pilots’ and their new song ‘Out of Time’. This song was later released on their website free of charge.  On October 8th ‘Stone Temple Pilots’ released their album ‘High Rise’. In 2015 Chester Bennington left the ‘Stone Temple Pilots’ on good terms.

In 2015 Linkin Park began writing new material for their seventh studio album, Chester Bennington commented on the album saying “We’ve got a lot of great material that I hope challenges our fan base as well as inspires them as it does us”

In 2016 Linkin Park released their CD ‘Underground’; this was a 10 track album and only the first wave of CDS to be sent out as a physical CD. After this you could only download a copy of their CD. This CD was there fifth album in the number one spot on the charts.

It is with great sadness that we hear of the tragic passing of Chester Bennington, as he was the cornerstone of this bands amazing talent. His fans and the rock world will sadly miss him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and other band members.

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