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'TERROR AMAZONIA' is the debut record from the one-man alternative/industrial/metal project 'Cheap Coffins', the creation of Wollongong musician Troy Koglin.

Demonstrating Koglin's wide variety of influences, from pulsating industrial, to catchy alternative, to dreamy experimental, to epic progressive metal, 'TERROR AMAZONIA' is an intense, cathartic and rewarding listening experience.

'TERROR AMAZONIA' features nine tracks; six songs and three diagetic interludes, all of which flow seamlessly into each other, transforming the record into a cohesive journey, replete with cinematic flow and intensity.

The production and sound design create an immersive listening experience, accentuated by the mixing/mastering skills of Neil Foley (of Old Haunts), where you are pulled headfirst into a dark and mysterious world, perfectly encapsulated by the album artwork (courtesy of digitial artist Stefan Skjoedt).

A record that will appeal to fans of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Bring Me The Horizon, Devin Townsend, HEALTH, etc, 'TERROR AMAZONIA' is a musical journey that will leave you feeling exhilarated, bewildered and mesmerised.



The world can be an overwhelming place, full of great beauty, tremendous inspiration, and bottomless despair. Cheap Coffins, the creation of musician Troy Koglin, synthesises these emotions into a cohesive amalgam of music which straddles the boundaries of rage, aggression, beauty and complexity.


The project was born out of the desire to experience the joy of creativity, to tap into that mysterious source of inspiration, and to share with the world whatever flows through. This musical experimentation has led to the creation of a collection of music which is as epic and cathartic as it is interesting and thought-provoking.


On one hand, Cheap Coffins fuse heavy tribal drums with chugging guitar riffs, fast-paced beats over furious synths, and aggressive vocals over industrial noises. But on the other hand, shining vocals soar over grand chord progressions, layered harmonies dance over trap beats, and pristine layers of clean guitar weave through electronic drums.


Bringing experimental production and sound FX into the song-writing process, each song feels like a journey through a unique environment, immersing the listener in epic musical worlds designed to raise the hairs of the back of your neck, with exhilarating crescendos carrying you from one section to the next.


Cheap Coffins has created a collection of dark, thoughtful, hypnotic and engrossing musical experiences for you to get lost in, to navigate through, to hopefully create some resonance between the meaningful experiences of your life, and the soundtrack that has been offered to you to accompany them.



1. Liminal Self

2. If We Die Tonight


4. God Mirror

5. G O R E F I E L D


7. Amazonia

8. A Face Full Of Stars