Band Name: Chase the Ace



  • Vocals/Rhythm guitar: Roi Vito Peleg

  • Drums/Back Vocals: Yam Artzy

  • Lead Guitar/ Back Vocals: Dan Parsons

  • Bass/Back Vocals: Yair Gadon


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Genre:  Hard Rock


How did your fans respond to your first EP “Rock Bottom Rocknroll”?

First of all, thanks for having me here!

We didn’t have ANY fans when this was released as this was released on the same day the band was published to the public.

The first EP was written when we still lived back in Tel Aviv and before our British brother Dan joined the band.

We used to have another band that played pretty much the same style but in Hebrew, the local language. After 6 years with the previous band, we figured we wanna try our luck worldwide and start singing in English.

After writing a few songs and just to test out the idea, we booked a studio to record them so we can hear if it made any sense.

The results sounded so good we decided to go for it and release it under a new band “Chase The Ace”. 3 months after dropping this EP on YouTube we got signed by a label here in the UK, released our debut album “Are You Ready?”, went on tour around Europe and never stopped!



In 2015 you released “Hell Yeah” into shops, how are your album sales going?

 I don’t think we’re known enough to get proper sales in physical record shops.

Even though it’s pretty cool to see your album at HMV, I get to see amazing fans every night get it directly from our merch stand at the end of each show. I really enjoy meeting our fans in person after the show and it’s always a treat hearing what people think and how awesome we are haha.


What bands have influenced your music style?

I’d have to say AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motorhead and many others, but for us, it has to sound like a Chase The Ace song before we add it to the set list.

We even have a saying for it when it’s not, you gotta “Chase it up!”


What is the craziest fan story you have?

Oh there is stuff I don’t want anyone to know about haha.

We try to have it so that every show is crazy and we’ve had stuff like a dude coming on stage pissed drunk to add another rap verse to one of our songs, without even telling us. A guy that offered me his wife after the show and really meant it! I was flashed by a 70 years old lady and the list goes on…


Are there any Album launches coming up?

We’re currently working on the 3rd album that hopefully will be ready in 2017, but there is a live show we recorded in London and sounds awesome, I believe we’ll release this one pretty soon so stay tuned…


What is your favourite song to perform live?

This changes all the time, but my current favourite song is “The Stalker”, which is the opening track of our 2nd album “Hell Yeah”.

The main riff is really fun to play, the vocals on the verse are pretty challenging which makes it really fun to sing AND I love seeing the crowd shout the “HEY” back at us on the chorus.

Just a great party song all around, in my opinion.


What is your favourite concert memory?

That’ll have to be raising a glass on stage when we played the Electric Ballroom in London.

Exactly 3 years before that happen, we arrived a day early to our first tour in the UK so we could see The Darkness at the Ballroom and I remember we were all pointing at that stage saying to each other “This. This is what we want”.

Only 3 years after, we were on that stage. After all we’ve been through together, that moment really meant a lot to me and the guys.


If you could pick any festival in the world to perform at which festival would you pick and why?

I’d have to say Download Festival.
This festival played a big part in creating Chase The Ace to begin with!

In 2012, my cool aunt who’s been living here in London for years now, invited me to this festival she goes to every year.

Living in Tel Aviv, I never heard of it but Sabbath were playing so how could I say no.
When I got there I was shocked! I never seen so many rockers come together to enjoy the music we all love so much, I had an incredible time and when I got back home and told the guys about it we all decided it’s time to go English.


If you could have any band/performer sing of your songs, which would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?

I would love to hear Whitesnake take “The Cat Is On The Loose” from our debut and make it their own.
I think that could work great actually! Do you have David’s mobile?


As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?

We’re always touring.

Next week we’re going to the Netherlands for a couple of festivals and we have a few shows here and there in the UK until we embark on another full UK tour that is planned for March.

The best thing is to check out the upcoming tour dates on our website at

And while you’re at it, we’re giving away 3 free tracks for joining our awesome fan list, which has a lot of cool surprises that are exclusive to the list so check it out!

Band Name: Chase the Ace