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How did you come up with the Album Cover for Over the rainbow?

We didn’t.. We have an amazing artist named Annie Walter who brainstormed this art, inspired by the album title & also one of the working track titles on the album. We love the art & I think it paints a picture of the vibe that the music gives off as well. A fun time.

What Gear do you use in the studio, Brand and Models ect (Guitars, Bass, Rigg, Drums)?

We are generally a meat & potatoes band when it comes to gear, on the record you will hear 70’s fender telecaster through a Satellite Atom amplifier & 80s Fender Jazzmaster through JMI AC30. Marcus likes to dabble with some crazy fuzz sounds as well, the Zvex Fuzz Factory is a go to for him. We try to keep things as clean as possible when it comes to rhythm guitars, guitars into amps & leave pedals for extra spice here and there, some delays and stuff for lead melodies. For drums Matt uses DW shells, a Barter Drums snare  & Meinl cymbals. Ben uses a Sandberg bass guitar into the desk via Sansamp.

If you could pick any music festival to perform at in the world, what music festival would you pick and why? 

That’s a tough one, I guess Glastonbury would be a good answer, but there’s plenty of great festivals out there. If we’re talking Australia the I think Unify gathering would be a good time, we would be comfortable there!

What can fans expect from your new album over the Rainbow?

Roughly 37 minutes & 11 songs worth of in your face heavy punk rock with some pop elements throw in. Previously we skipped the chorus and just played verses I think.

Who wrote the songs your Over The Rainbow?

It was a collective effort on this one, our writing was done in a room together, bashing out demos & pressing record on an iPhone. Some of it was written in the studio, we spent some time doing preproduction at Homesurgery Recordings prior to tracking as well.

What bands influenced your style of music?

We all have individual influences, which vary quite a bit from each other. I think these come together nicely and definitely contribute to the Captives sound. But I think you can safely say that we all collectively love Queens of the Stone Age, the Bronx, Rocket from the Crypt.

How did you all meet?

Aaron, Matt & myself are brothers, we were playing in a previous band when we met Marcus (AKA Mugga or Redbeard), he filled in for us on guitar before that band met it’s match. We then went on to start Captives. We met Ben at Bar Open.

If you could have any band, performing your songs, which would it be and would it be in your style or there's?

Well Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swifts 1989 & did a pretty damn good job. I’d like to see him take on a bit of Captives, in his style. If anyone can make our songs sound good on an acoustic it would be that guy. Spinal Tap would also be a nice time. 

How did you come up with your band name?

We had a few ideas thrown around early days, but Captives was the one I think was the best fit for us at the time. We could have been called Ghost Pants but that was voted out.. and cheers to that.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans? 

Keep your ears peeled, we've got heaps of new tunes coming out in 2018. More shows. More everything. It's gunna be a big year for us that's for sure!
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