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We got to speak to Josh from Buckcherry about the upcoming tour and more.
TM- Hi, This is Amelia from twinmusix. Thank You for having this call with me today. How are you?

JT - Good, Thank You. How are you?
TM - Good, Thank You. What can fans expect from your Australian tour?
JT - A good time, we are having fun. We have the best musicians in this band. This are our eight records and we have done a lot of touring. By the time we get to you guys, we will be a Finley tuned and oiled machine.
TM - What can we expect from your setlist?
JT - A variety of all the records, combined in one set. Of course, we do the usual, like a crazy bitch. We will be playing some of the new songs and some of the old ones.
TM - You have your new album Warpaint out, and you have been touring with it. How have fans been responding to the songs so far?
JT - They love it, Warpaint is a great record and we worked hard on it and it has been well received around the world.
TM - What was your writing and recording process on it?
JT - Very similar to the 15 records, a lot of the same things happened. We had some lineup changes. We were thorough in the songwriting process. We worked with the same producer that we worked with on 15. Mike Plotnikoff, he is a lovely guy. We wrote thirty songs and only used eleven of them on the record. It is one of our best records for sure.
TM - You said you wrote thirty songs, on an eleven song record. What are you going to do with the other songs?
JT - Songs that don't make the record, don't make it for a reason. It's because they aren't good enough. We might take apart from a song, except we normally start fresh on every writing cycle.
TM - You also have your side project, Josh Todd and the conflicts. Can we expect any tours?
JT - I would like that, it all depends on you guys.
TM - Fingers crossed man.
TM - If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?
JT - wow, that's a tough question. I think the song would be Crazy Bitch done by Bruno Mars.
TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?
JT - Bruno Mars, because he is one of the most talented people in music right now.
TM - What is your favorite memory watching someone else's perform live, can you tell us a story?
JT - We went to the Rio hotel and Prince was performing there. I went there with my wife. They had a 1,200 people capacity. It was unbelievable, he is an extraordinary talent. It was one of those shows I'll never forget.
TM - You played Hellfest in 2014, how was it?
JT - It was Awesome, there were a lot of bands that I hadn't heard of that are massive in Europe. It was like a Helloween party backstage. It was really cool.
TM - You toured with Motley Cure and Papa Roach, What was your favorite tour memory?
JT - It was great, everyone brought their A-game to the live show. It was a great package.
TM - You do some acting, you were on The Shield and Bones. What is your favorite thing about acting?
JT - My favorite thing is, it is a different type of creative process. You have to prepare yourself for a certain role. It challenging and fun and I hope I get to do more in the future.
TM - Is there any advice you would give to any up and coming bands?
JT - I hope you are passionate about it. It's a lot of hard work and makes sure you get a lawyer to look over everything before you sign it.
TM - Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?
JT - We have great fans worldwide. We love you. Go and get the Warpaint record, it's one of our best. Come and celebrate twenty years of rock and roll with us.
TM - Thank You for having this call with me today. See you in Sydney.










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