Bless The Knights Celebrates Their 2nd Anniversary


These guys of Indonesian Progressive Metal rebels are not  showing  the sign of being relax even a bit.  After passing through a busy year full of tours and performances and even being  nominated on Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI Awards), the lads will celebrate their 2nd anniversary supported by the line up of great local metal bands that will burn the moshpit by the next  9th April 2017.

The party would be held in a cafe at East Jakarta called Warung Deebong  (formerly named Maitrin Cafe) and inviting all of everyone of you, especially all Metalheads fellas to join the party for this event is held FOR FREE.

Line up of great metal bands, such as Corporation of Bleeding, Anastasya (Subang), Paper Gangster, Gore Infamous (Bandung), Feels, Standpoint and Last Blood have been confirmed to get involved and ready to welcome all Metalheads. This event is also partnering with numbers of media scaled from Indonesian national to Metal scene as well as some radio stations.

The 2nd anniversary of Bless The Knights surprisingly also supported by The Rock Campus (regular local metal/rock gigs) through his  frontman, Ezra Simanjuntak who is going to held a pre-event with a tag line of  "In Conjunction to Bless The Knights 2nd Anniversary" in March 30, 2017.

"It's such a great honor for me and Bless the Knights, for it's actually not easy for us, a newly formed metal band that we're given an opportunity to have a collaboration with the legendary The Rock Campus. For me, personally, this is such a huge chance to get an even wider spotlight for the band. I'm really surprised for I actually just invited him to come and joining the party", stated the band frontman, Fritz Faraday  confirming  the "surprising" event.


Bless The Knights is also going to release their brand new single with their newest formation with Fritz Faraday and Olgie Alvianus on Guitars, Berry Heyder on Vocals and the explosive Opic hitting the drums. This new single is believed to be the characteristic of the band's upcoming album that is going to be progressed just after this anniversary party.

Furthermore, Bless the Knights will promote the event by having several radio interviews on MS-Tri FM, Demajors Radio and Jams Radio as well as spreading the great news by coming  to local metal events.

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