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What a awesome gig, people were standing, the drinks were flowing and the bands on stage were rocking! Last night we got to watch some of the greatest Aussie Rock bands play at the crowbar in Sydney Thanks to Silverback touring. The four band line up was Avalanche, Fox Company, The Black Cardinals and The Poor.
Avalanche kicked off the night with mad guitar riffs and if felt like I was watching a cross between Airborne and AC/DC. The energy was insane. This set was full of running, jumping and screaming all over the stage . Veronica ‘V’ Campbell is a powerful guitarist, with her shaggy black hair and ripped jeans. Veronica played her blistering guitar solos from the front of the barriers and rocked out with the fans. We also got to see her play in the middle of the mosh pit. Avalanche always give 110% at their shows and it’s not something you want to miss!

Fox Company was up next and they were full of energy, jumping around on stage and interacting with fans. This band was full of adrenaline as they smashed out their songs in true rock style. It was an absolute pleasure to see these guys perform and their show is not something you want to miss!

The Black Cardinals took to the stage next, and they performed a new song called gravity. The lead singer got the crowd to start slow clapping to the beat and had everyone rocking out to the track. They also did a cover of superstition by Stevie Wonder, which is always A fantastic track to sing along to. The audience participation was amazing and wholesome. Everyone enjoyed this set!

Next up was The Poor and you knew this was going to be one hell of a show! It was full of interaction, fun, craziness and new songs. They played songs including Poison, Ride and Tell Someone Who Cares. Skenie jumped the barrier, moshed on the dance floor, ran up to the back of the room and jumped on the merch table while singing, which created a energetic buzz through the whole room. The Poor are always a fantastic band to rock out with and you should definitely check them out at their next gig.

What a line up! What a show! If you weren't there, you missed out and if you were there you know what an awesome show everyone missed out on. Check out all these bands at a gig sometime, you won't be disappointed I can promise you that.



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