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Prog Mag Premiere: ATLAS : EMPIRE Album Stream "The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet"


L-R – Robert Hasebe (Bassist), Jamie Sturt (Guitar and Vocals), Steven Gillies (Guitar and Vocals)

Glasgow's ATLAS : EMPIRE will be releasing their debut album "The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet" on December 7th, 2018. Weaving their way between the multitudes of different genres that influence them, the trio visit the worlds of heavy progressive rock and expansive ambient shoegaze. Before their new album's official release, they are sharing with fans its full stream via Prog Mag at the following link: 

Bassist Robert Hasebe comments:

"'The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet' is a concept album that explores what would happen to humanity if we became entirely reliant on technology/automation in every aspect of our lives – and more importantly, what happens when that system fails? Across its 10 tracks, we delve into different aspects of that very-possible future, with each song takes place before, during or after a mass technological collapse, from the perspective of a different 'character'." 

"The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet" will be available for download on stream on BandcampiTunes and Spotify

Since forming in 2011, 
ATLAS : EMPIRE have enjoyed success both through their recordings and several tours crossing the UK, the EU and Eastern Canada, including performing at Indieweek in Toronto.

To date the band has released 3 EPs, “To The Astronaut...” (2012); “Somnus” (2013) and “For the Satellites” (2015) with "The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet" as their 2018 debut full length.

Music Video - "It's All In The Reflexes" - 

Music Video - "Gethsemane" -

Music Video - "Hostess" -


Track Listing:
1. As Yet Unwritten
2. Diminishing Returns
3. It’s All In The Reflexes
4. The Moment We Were Exploding
5. Gethsemane
6. The Entire of History You
7. Hostess
8. The Year of The Four Emperors
9. Our Hands Part The Waves
10. Cenotaphs


Album Band Line Up: 
Steven Gillies
Jamie Sturt
Robert Hasebe
Ben Montgomery


For more info:


“A lesson in progressive rock” – Rocksound (UK)

"fiery, soaring, and thought-provoking heavy prog-/post-rock" - Rebel Noise

Atlas : Empire has produced an album that is glued with beautiful instrumental and chill vibes for a weekend unwind. Overall the album is definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of early Incubus, early Thrice, or Minus the Bear." - Boston Rock Radio

“The band show an impressive versatility throughout the record as they straddle various genres with ease. Post-hardcore sits neatly alongside the Maybeshewill inspired post-rock…” –

“They hit you with a wall of sound, that has a slightly Math feel to it. The tracks have a lot of overlapping phrases, but with darker tones to the guitars, it almost feels like Deftones and Arcane Roots had a lovechild and raised it in ‘Bonnie’. Both vocalists lighten the mood and play upon a subtle gaelic charm in between tracks...There’s just the right level of melody combined with guitar-wrecking aggression for them to stand out in the Glasgow scene.” –