It all began with a feeling.

Of being alone and wanting to belong to something intense and exciting.

Of wanting to share that intensity and excitement.

Of wanting to experience the euphoria of bonding with others over this undeniably powerful sensation.

That feeling became a vision.

A vision to make the most thrilling music imaginable.

Music that embraced, celebrated, and amplified life in all its facets, electrifying and uniting everyone who heard it.

That vision became a reality – a tidal wave of massive sound, pounding piano driven pulses of symphonic hard rock – a pair of dirty white jeans, a sweat soaked t-shirt, a very bloody nose, and the words:

“When it’s time to party, we will party hard.”

It’s safe to say, nobody has partied harder, or with such uniquely fervent verve than the undisputed King of Partying himself, Andrew W.K. – Real life super hero, maximalist music maker, an apparition in the form of a man, an entity possessed of a single-minded, monomaniacal focus to spread a singular message:

That to party is to exist.

And to exist is to party.

Andrew W.K. officially began in 1999, and crystallized in 2001 with the release of his signature anthem, “Party Hard”. The party has continued ever since. His debut album I GET WET, now widely regarded as an ageless classic, is a full-throated declaration of hedonistic intent. Twelve songs delivered at maximum intensity from beginning to end. All the bluntness, passion and classicism of rock ‘n’ roll, boiled down and purified to its base elements.

Power. Movement. Melody. Emotion. Noise.

A sound simultaneously life-affirming, enervating and overwhelming.

A sound that obliterates ego and bludgeons self.

As an artist, he initially seemed to emerge out of nowhere, fully-formed right out of the box, with an image, a style, and a sense of purpose that set him far apart from his peers. If that seemed too good to be true, then maybe it is. Andrew W.K., the critics opined, is either the savior of music or its biggest fraud. Either deadly serious or an elaborate lie. None of which bothers the fans who continue to take up the mantle of the Andrew W.K. ethos, and live every moment as if it’s simultaneously their first and their last.

His live shows, backed by a five-piece band of hard-driving musicians, are a collective celebration of unbridled joy that turn entire dance floors into giant, whirling circle pits of jostling bodies, with sweat and hair flying, and euphoric energy elevating everyone to divine heights of uninhibited joy.

Over the years, Andrew W.K. solidified and expanded upon his party ethos with the albums, THE WOLF, CLOSE CALLS WITH BRICK WALLS, 55 CADILLAC, and YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Albums that worked as manuals for celebration through self-realization, blending the personal with the philosophical, expanding the limits of the deceptively simple party mindset. Fans are friends and allies in a cause undertaken purely for its own sake – a party about being alive – an odyssey of life exploration, as ambitious in scope and sound as it is oblique in theme and tone.

Andrew W.K. is an individual who seems to have freed himself from all the restrictions placed upon him, by himself, by others, by life itself. A dizzying array of roles finds him in rare and unfamiliar territory for a rock ‘n’ roll musician. He’s established a unique place for himself in popular culture, as a simultaneously elusive and ubiquitous presence. Advice columnist, university lecturer, and children’s game show host. Nightclub impresario, talk radio personality, and talk show guest. Motivational speaker and cultural ambassador. Performance artist and magician’s assistant. Party philosopher and local news weatherman. Accessible but inscrutable. He is all these things and also none of them in particular. He is Andrew W.K. – the professional partier. The King of Partying.

The Party Never Dies, Long Live The Party.


Tickets are now on sale for ANDREW W.K.'s fall 2021 tour HERE:

ANDREW W.K. 2021 US Tour Dates:

Sep 9 - Los Angeles, CA - Teragram Ballroom - PRE-SALE WED 10AM

Sep 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Teragram Ballroom - SOLD OUT

Sep 11 - San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's 365 - TICKETS

Sep 13 - Seattle, WA - Neumos - TICKETS

Sep 14 - Portland, OR - Revolution Hall - TICKETS

Sep 17 - Minneapolis, MN - Amsterdam Hall - TICKETS

Sep 18 - Chicago, IL - Riot Fest - TICKETS

Sep 19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Spirit Hall - SOLD OUT

Sep 21 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club - TICKETS

Sep 22 - Boston, MA - Royale - TICKETS

Sep 23 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom - SOLD OUT

Sep 24 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA - TICKETS

Sep 26 - Birmingham, AL - Furnace Fest - TICKETS