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Released on Spira Records, YOU is the third studio album from UK rock band AIRBUS, featuring 13 songs that are the group’s most powerful statement to date.


The album was recorded in an ancient cottage in Portishead called The Grange, where lead singer Nick Davidge lived. The band turned the entire upstairs floor into a studio, financed by their previous successes and touring.


YOU showcases songs recorded in the early ’90s. AIRBUS were prolific during this time, enjoying full artistic freedom. Songs would flow freely, often at a pace faster than the group could represent, leaving a large amount of their catalogue unreleased.


This album came about after many years of transporting master tapes to the USA from the UK, one or two reels at a time. Due to their age, the tapes were baked and the audio was carefully lifted from them using a 24-track 2-inch tape machine. The songs were then mixed, keeping a warm analogue feel, true to the time when the music was recorded.


A variety of videos have been made to support the album. Some were filmed recently, using modern technology to create a cinematic feel. Others use footage from the band’s live gigs during the early ’90s, showcasing powerful performances from the time when the songs were originally written.


AIRBUS believes that the music featured on this album stands the test of time and deserves to be released. YOU paves the way for their next album, IMPERIAL GUNPOWDER, which the band are currently working on in the studio. It will contain brand-new material.

Band Line-up:

Nick Davidge – Vocals and Guitar

James Childs – Guitar and Backing Vocals

Simon Hedges – Bass

Chris Fielden – Drums

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CD Track Listing:

  1. Safer

  2. I

  3. If There’s an Angel

  4. Alone Again

  5. Thicker

  6. You

  7. Choke

  8. Sometimes

  9. Nothing’s for Free

  10. Save Yourself

  11. Get Away

  12. Lazy

  13. The Ghost