Stream Look, Here Comes The Dark IN FULL!

Album out THis Friday, May 11

Swiss Post Metallers, Abraham will release their epic FOUR LP ALBUM - Look, Here Comes The Dark - This Friday May 11


Listen to the album IN FULL here


1 hour and 51 minutes of madness!


The band comment:

"The time is now: welcome grief, do not wallow in despair. Cities everywhere are laid to waste. 
The time is now. Mother Earth reclaims what is hers. The last remnants of civilization suffocate under carnivorous plants.

The time is now. A gigantic mycelium dissolves all life on this ungodly rock. 
The time is now: look, here comes the dark."



Watch the album videos here

Wind https://youtu.be/BLdd_hRPVTo

Vulvaire https://youtu.be/SyW1CS40F8E 

Silent At Last https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d6Etcxr9xA 

Wonderful World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUF0pk-jE-w 


Look, Here Comes The Dark is really… something else.

Something else in every imaginable regard: intensity. Conceptuality. Ferocity. Delivery. Obsession. Depth. Length. Darkness. Madness.
Look, Here Comes The Dark! is, simply put, a concept album about the end of times: a classic post-apocalyptic dystopia, like a musical version of McCarthy's „The Road“, or Whitehead's „Zone One“. 

The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna has taken an approach that honors each part's own integrity and identity, and mixed the drums, guitars, synths, vocals diferently for each part, as if they were independent records.