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Photo by Tim Othy

1000mods is a psychedelic/heavy rock band from Chiliomodi, Greece. They were formed in the summer of 2006. The band has four members, Dani G on Bass & Vox, Giannis S on Guitars, George T on Guitars and Labros G on Drums.

In October 2010, the almighty Billy Anderson visited Greece in order to produce the band’s debut album, while Malleus Rock Art Lab took care of the artwork. "Super Van Vacation" was born. In order to promote their debut album, they played 40 shows in 15 countries around Europe, including festivals such as Rockwave festival, B'estfest and Lake on Fire. In 2014 1000 Mods released “Vultures”.


In 2016 Repeated exposure to…” was released and it was followed by a 2017 “Repeated and Exposed to” tour which featured a total of 42 live dates in 15 European countries

In early 2018, 1000mods toured North America for first time, with 29 gigs in U.S.A, Canada and Mexico. Now (spring 2018) they are getting back on the european road with a headling tour during April 2018 and lots of summer festival appearances including Hellfest, Rock Im Wald, Free and Easy festival and a lot more.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

MD -
Fans can expect good music with good vibes. This is our first Australian tour and our first visit to Australia so it's going to be Awesome.

TM - What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia?

MD -
We are looking forward to playing everywhere and seeing everything is going to be a great show and a great time.

TM - How did you come up with your set list?

MD -
We are going to be playing a lot of our popular songs and some of our favourites.

TM - You played Hellfest last year how was it?

MD -
We had a 2 slot in the afternoon and it was a very hot day, we didn't know what to expect because it was really early and we were the second or third band. The place was packed there are around 7000 or 8000 people. We did a 40 minutes set from the first song to the last there was a circle pit in the crowd it was insane.

TM - Everyone wrote the lyrics on the last album what inspired you to write this way?

MD -
For the last record it was like teamwork, one of us would have an idea for a song and then we would help each other write it and finish it.

TM - You write your first album in 14 days how do you think your writing and recording process has changed over time?

MD -
We write each album a different way. The first album was recorded live within two weeks and the second album took a bit more time and the third album took four or five months to record. It has changed over the years and who knows how are your recorder next.

TM - Have you started writing anything new?

MD -
We have started to write some more new music and hopefully we will be recording in November.

TM - Your new Video Electric Carve has surfing skateboarding and skiing in the video clip what inspired you to do all these intense sports?

MD -
I did some skateboarding as a kid and George l guitarist likes windsurfing and over the years, fans of our music have put our songs in their videos so we decided we wanted to make a tribute to all of those guys.

TM - What's your favourite band you have watched perform live?

MD -
The first time I saw Black Sabbath in 2006, it was breathtaking I had goosebumps and I saw Neurosis at Hellfest it was mind blowing I've never seen them play live before it was very good.

TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

MD -
Sound Garden playing one of our songs in their style.

TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

MD -
Black Sabbath because they are the beginning of Metal.

TM - Anything else you want to say to your fans?

MD -
we are going to put on an awesome show so come and check us out.

TM- Thank You for this Interview, we look forward to seeing you in Australia.


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